If we woke up tomorrow and chaos was going on, would you feel safe here in the state of Texas? To be honest, that isn’t even a question for me, I would be thankful to be in Texas even though there is a new article saying that one Texas city is on a list for being the most at risk during a nuclear war.

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Let me state from the very beginning, that as of now we are not entering any sort of nuclear war that I am aware of, but I am not kept in the know about those dangerous situations. The details about this story first came from Daily Mail, as they made a list of the 15 US cities that are likely targets of a nuclear attack.

Why Would These Cities Be Targeted During Nuclear War?

You’re probably wondering, what is it about these cities that would make them a specific target during nuclear war? And it comes down to some key facts. Some of the reasons these cities would be under attack is because they have a high population density, also because of their air distance to a military facility, emergency preparedness, and ease of evacuation.

Let’s See the List of Cities That Could Be Targeted

There is nothing confirmed that these would be the targets of nuclear war, but these are just some potential targets predicted by some financial experts. Let’s hope that we never see nuclear war, that would be horrible. But here is a look at the cities predicted to be targeted by nuclear war.

15 Cities Most Likely Targeted During a Nuclear Attack

Nothing to worry about, but experts say these U.S. cities would be most likely to be attacked if America was the victim of a nuclear attack.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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