The NFL season ended on Sunday with the Super Bowl. The Chiefs won 38-35 against the Eagles. One would think that would be the end of any beef or anything like that since the game already happened. Well, Juju Smith-Schuster had to get some thoughts off his chest as he took a shot at James Bradberry two days after the Super Bowl.

Smith-Schuster really understands how to use social media to his advantage. Using a valentines card as the vehicle to your beef is incredible. However Eagles players didn't take too kindly to this as multiple responded; however, it began with AJ Brown.

Brown went in for blood. He called Smith-Schuster a tik tok boy who is lucky to have a job and he also called him a lame. Well, Schuster couldn't let that slide. Schuster felt that this was something Brown was waiting to say to him for a long time now.

Former Saints safety Chauncey Gardener Johnson was next to beef with Smith-Schuster. However, as we know with Ceedy Duece he takes it to another level and doesn't stop until he wants to.

Smith-Schuster did respond to Ceedy Duece but unlike with AJ Brown, Smith-Schuster didn't win this altercation. But it is spicy to ask what size ring he should get.

Social media had a good time reacting and responding to the Smith-Schuster Eagles beef.

Hopefully, Smith-Schuster remains on the Chiefs because I would love for this to be the start of a rivalry between the Eagles and Chiefs. When you look at the quarterbacks around the NFC, Jalen Hurts is the best the conference has. So I can see the Eagles making it back to the promised land and if it's against the Chiefs there will be some underlying beef there.

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