One thing that is very important to all residents in Texas? Their health!

We all want to feel good every day while we're in the Lone Star State. It's hard to believe, but there's a lot that we get attacked by in terms of germs during the day. To say the least, if we could thank our immune systems in person, we would.

It's a fact of life that everybody gets sick at one point in time. But some of the sicknesses that we get can be avoided if proper warnings are issued. Sadly, one of those warnings has appeared in the new year already.

One disease, Salmonella, has seen an increase in cases. Central Texas also needs to be on alert as well, as our area is affected.

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Salmonella On The Rise In Central Texas

As reported by KCEN, the disease was the most diagnosed between November and December 2023 of the 50 illnesses caused by contaminated food. Not only is this happening in Central Texas however, the increase is happening across the nation as well.

The Bell County Health District, according to KCEN, hasn't been able to find the exact reason for the uptick of reported cases. However, they did state that the infection seemed to be coming from homes in the area, with affected food harming other foods.

Details about Salmonella can be found on the CDC's website here. One thing is for sure, once the cause of the illness is found, be ready to throw away the affected food Texas!

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