Cleveland's Major League Baseball team announced Monday they would be dropping the "Indians" nickname they've used for 115 years.

Although, the team plans on using "Indians" for the 2021 season, before making a permanent change.

What will be the next name of Cleveland's MLB team in 2022?

Here's a list of 22 mascot names, along with the betting odds for each one, courtesy of

Cleveland next mascot name

Spiders +250

Cleveland Baseball Team        +500

Guardians       +500

Wild Things     +800

Blue Sox          +900

Crows  +1000

Naps    +1000

Rocks   +1000

Buckeyes         +1200

Dobys  +1600

Cuyahogas      +2000

Rockers           +2000

Bullfrogs          +2500

Blues   +3300

Castles +3300

Cinders            +3300

Fellers +3300

Great Lakers    +3300

Hazards           +3300

Unions +3300

Burning River  +5000

Steamers         +50000

Clearly, the last few names on the last won't be used, and anyone who lays down any form of currency on the bet is solely doing it as a joke, or because they enjoy burning money.

Spiders has been the favorite for a while. It was the name of the National League team that played in Cleveland from 1887 to 1899.

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