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Have you started to think about which teams you think will win the NBA title?

The last few seasons have been a little strange, as the Toronto Raptors ended the Golden State Warriors dynasty, the Los Angeles Lakers won the COVID-19 title in 2020 over Miami, and then the Milwaukee Bucks knocked off the Phoenix Suns in an epic series in 2021.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Six
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So in three seasons, we have had six different teams make the NBA Finals.

Will 2022 end with two more new teams, will we get a repeat of last season, or will the Warriors rise back up to take back their throne?

Those are all decent questions. So, how do you answer them?

Here are the current futures odds to win the NBA title from the sportsbooks:

Team Odds

  • Brooklyn Nets +300
  • Golden State Warriors +450
  • Phoenix Suns +500
  • Milwaukee Bucks +700
  • Miami Heat +1400
  • Utah Jazz +1400
  • Los Angeles Lakers +1600
  • Philadelphia 76ers +2000
  • Chicago Bulls +2200
  • Memphis Grizzlies +2500
  • Denver Nuggets +2800

Which teams should I be backing to win the NBA title?

This might be more a question about which teams you should be throwing out right now because there are a couple (or more) of them that you should be staying away from in the futures odds.

I would look at other teams in the Eastern Conference, but I would really be focused right now on the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors

“I think right now when you look at the landscape of the NBA, you can probably throw out a couple of teams,” a Dailystoke spokesperson said. “I will be honest with you: I know the Brooklyn Nets are the favorites to win the East and the NBA title, but I think they are too dysfunctional to win the title.

Can they win the Eastern Conference? Yeah, of course. But is Kyrie Irving going to be sitting out half the games or maybe a whole series? Is Kevin Durant going to be healthy? Does James Harden even care at this point?

“I would look at other teams in the Eastern Conference, but I would really be focused right now on the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors. Those two teams look to be on a collision course for the Western Conference Finals, and I would think either would be a huge NBA Finals favorite over any team that comes out of the Eastern Conference.

“I don’t know which team to back in the East. Is there any squad that can win a seven-game series against the Warriors or Suns? I don’t see it. Maybe the Milwaukee Bucks, if they get healthy. They would probably be my pick to come out of the East, with maybe a few bucks on the Philadelphia 76ers and Joel Embiid, if he can stay healthy.

“Also, please throw out the Lakers. They will not do anything in the playoffs, especially in the Western Conference.”

Best bets for 2022 NBA Championships:

If you gave me $500 to spread around, I would take a shot with the Warriors and Suns for $200 each at odds of +450 and +500, put $75 on the Bucks at odds of +700, and $25 on the 76ers at longshot odds of +2000.

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