School field trips are some of the biggest moments in a young student's life. You're finishing up school one random Tuesday but right before the bell rings to go get on the bus, the teacher says that they have an announcement for the class...

What could it be? Someone got caught cheating on a test, we are watching a movie tomorrow, or is our teacher going on vacation??? JUST TELL US, WE HAVE TO KNOW!

And then... they reach for their desk and grab a stack of papers. What are those? WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! And BAM! Permission slips get passed around and the whole class goes BANANAS! FIELD TRIP!!!

Thinking back to my elementary school days, most of the trips were cool and others were just a good reason to not be in class for the day.

I have listed out all of the childhood field trip destinations that I can remember. Have you been to any of these destinations as a young scholar?

8 School Field Trip Destinations

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