If you've never visited the ball parks around the Sun Belt, here's a piece of news for you.

They aren't all like Russo Park.

There are some parks in the league that are more than worth visiting.  And, every park has something positive.

Some more than others.  Some, a lot more.

This is the first of a 12-part series rating the Sun Belt ball parks.  And, it's a very subjective list.  I've used a bunch of criteria in rating the parks:  Location, ease of access, restrooms and concessions, fan experience, atmosphere, ambience and press facility, among others.

With all that said, here we go



THE GOOD--Well, first of all, they don’t charge admission.  Free baseball is always a good thing.  And, fresh, hot French Fries at the concession stand are a nice touch.  You don’t get that everywhere.  Fences are rather short (360-65 to the alleys, 385 to center) which is fine if you dig the (potential) long ball.  When the wind blows out, it is not a pitcher's friend.  Despite the small size, there are separate radio booths.

THE BAD--It’s a long way from the main campus.  It’s technically on the “Decatur Campus” of GSU but that doesn’t make it an on-campus facility by any stretch.  The bleachers on either side of the small grandstand are small and don’t have a back, even on the top row.  And, there’s no place to sit where you can see the whole field.  Either the dugouts or the trees mean some sort of obstruction.  The press facility is very small, which would really be an issue if someone ever decided to cover their games. .  And, you can’t see down the right field line from the broadcast booth.  In face, it's hard to see right field, period.  Not good.  Oh, and as one Atlanta resident put it, “This place is in the hood.”  If you aren’t a parent, there’s not much reason to go over to this place.

ANALYSIS--There isn’t much to say about this.  I would imagine this isn’t an easy facility to recruit to, especially due to the location.  But there’s some future good news.  Georgia State plans to build a new baseball facility at their new Turner Field Complex.  That will put their major sports all in one spot and hopefully give Greg Frady something to hang his hat on in the future.  Here's hoping that isn't five years down the road.



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