(Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - The Louisiana State Police have recently identified a defect in the Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI) stickers issued for the year 2026. Specifically, the issue affects the “26” sticker, which is intended to have a yellow background. Unfortunately, due to exposure to sunlight, these stickers are prone to fading from their original yellow color to either a clear or white appearance.

Jared Sandifer via Louisiana State Police
Jared Sandifer via Louisiana State Police

This defect has the potential to impact any MVI sticker issued from January 1, 2024, to the present date. Vehicle owners who have received these 2026 MVI stickers should be aware of the potential for fading. However, it is crucial to understand that the validity of these stickers remains unchanged. Even if the background color fades, the MVI stickers are still considered valid, and vehicle owners are not required to take any action regarding this defect.

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) is fully aware of the situation and is actively working to address the issue. Efforts are underway to replace the current unissued inventory with stickers that do not have this defect. While this process is ongoing, the OMV assures vehicle owners that the integrity and validity of their MVI stickers are not compromised by the fading issue.

The identification of this defect underscores the commitment of the Louisiana State Police and the OMV to maintaining transparency and ensuring that the public is well-informed about any potential issues affecting vehicle compliance. Vehicle owners are encouraged to continue displaying their MVI stickers as usual and to monitor any further updates from the OMV regarding this matter.

In summary, while the 2026 MVI stickers may fade from yellow to clear or white due to sun exposure, they remain valid. Vehicle owners do not need to take any corrective measures. The OMV is taking steps to rectify the situation for future stickers. For any additional questions or concerns, vehicle owners are advised to contact their local OMV office.

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