This was awkward.

Watch as Shannon Sharpe returned to FS1 and "Undisputed" on Wednesday after missing the show on Tuesday.

The NFL Hall of Fame player says that he elected to not be on the show Tuesday because he was so affected by Damar Hamlin's situation on Monday Night Football.

Many on social media speculated that Sharpe was absent from the show because of the Tweet that Skip Bayless sent out while Hamlin was fighting for his life, while still on the field Monday night.

Shannon Sharpe attempted to explain why he was not on the show Tuesday, and when he noted that he did not agree with Bayless' Tweet, Skip interrupted him and fired back.

It was at that moment when things got really weird on the desk. Sharpe deflected and told Jennifer Hale, the moderator of the show, to take it.

The two would continue the show, but things have to be really weird between the two personalities after this exchange, on LIVE TV.

Allow me to hit remind you of the time when Shannon Sharpe's brother, Sterling Sharpe, was seriously injured during a game.

This is the moment that Shannon was referring to at the start of the show on FS1.

I should also remind you here that Skip and Shannon recently had another "heated exchange" on the show after Skip said Shannon was jealous of Brady's success.


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