The 2023 Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday in Louisiana is this weekend.

The new law was passed to help promote gun sales in the Bayou State, giving consumers a tax break on firearms and hunting supplies this Labor Day weekend. (Technically, the law was brought back after a short hiatus.)

For three days -- Friday, Sept. 1, Saturday, Sept. 2, and Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023 -- you will not pay local and state sales taxes for firearms, ammunition, and hunting supplies.

While local sales taxes obviously differ across towns, cities, and areas around the state, most consumers can expect to save 10% or more on state and local sales tax exemptions during the holiday.

Stores like Lafayette Shooters are expecting such a big weekend, that they've brought back layaways for a limited time, so customers can reserve their items in advance and then pick them up during the tax-free weekend.

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What kinds of items are exempt from taxes this weekend?

The list below contains examples of items subject to the exemption, but keep in mind this list is not exhaustive and does not contain every possible item subject to exemption.

  • Archery items such as bows, crossbows, arrows, quivers, shafts, cases, and other archery accessories;
  • Accessories designed for hunting;
  • Apparel including safety gear, camouflage clothing, jackets, hats, gloves, mittens, face masks, and thermal underwear manufactured and marketed as being primarily for wear or use while hunting;
  • Hunting shoes or boots designed for hunting;
  • Bags to carry game or hunting gear;
  • Tools manufactured and marketed as being primarily for use in hunting;
  • Firearm cases and accessories;
  • Pirogues;
  • Range finders;
  • Knives manufactured and marketed as being primarily for use in hunting. This excludes the purchase of knives by an individual for household, business, or other recreational uses;
  • Decoys;
  • Deer Corn;
  • Tree stands and blinds;
  • Chairs to be used for hunting. This excludes an individual’s purchase of chairs or other furniture for household, business, or other recreational uses;
  • Optics, such as rifle scopes, and impact resistant glasses for shooting, and binoculars if purchased to be used for hunting;
  • Hearing protection gear and enhancements;
  • Holsters, belts that are manufactured and marketed as being primarily for use in hunting, and slings; and
  • Miscellaneous gear manufactured and marketed as being primarily for use in hunting. This includes other hunting-related gear or supplies not previously listed.

What are some of the things not included?

  • Animals, such as dogs.
  • Animal feed used for animal husbandry or domestic pets.
  • Off-road vehicles, golf carts, heavy equipment such as cranes or forklifts, or float tubes and vessels such as airboats.
  • Firearms not listed are not eligible for the exemption.

Also, keep in mind that purchases made by a business or for business purposes are not eligible for the sales tax exemption.

For more about this weekend's Second Amendment Tax Holiday, read here.

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