With another year in the books, there's so much to review. From viral videos to the BCS, there was plenty to talk about this year. Here's a list of the top 10 most viewed stories on ESPN1420.com from the year 2011

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    Gary Carter's Brain Tumor

    A biopsy, taken on Friday, disclosed that Major League Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter has a probable malignant brain tumor, according to Mike Mazzeo, of ESPNNewYork.com.

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    Cajuns Baseball Senior Day

    Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajun baseball team, just like all other sports, has always celebrated Senior Day. It’s the day when seniors play on their home field/court for the final time. Moms and Dads join their student-athlete for a ceremony. In baseball, the seniors are given scrapbooks for mementos that they’ll keep forever. Their children will someday look through it and ask questions. That tradition has been going on for many years.

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    People Love Duke (Prather Still Wonders Why)

    Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski won his Division 1 Men’s Basketball record 903rd game on Tuesday. According to a Harris Interactive poll, it seems like most people are sharing in the Blue Devils’ success as the highest percentage of Americans pull for this college team.

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    Surfer, Meet Humpback Whale

    The woman in this video thinks she’s out for a relaxing surf. Everything changes when she comes extremely close to a giant humpback whale who just happens to breach right next to her and almost swallows her whole.

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    Bowl Projections

    Earlier this year, (June to be exact), Bowl predictions were made. See if the predictions from Fox sports writer Peter Flutak came true this year.

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    Sammi From Jersey Shore - Babe Of The Day

    Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola of ‘Jersey Shore’ is a lot of things. One thing she isn’t is humble, but that’s a good thing. Sammi’s good looks and infectious smile make people forget that she gave herself the nickname “Sweetheart.” Ronny forgets all the time, though he probably forgets a lot of things, like his own name and that the opening of his underwear is supposed to go up front.

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    Mark Cuban has ALOT of money, and shares.

    Cuban appreciated his service so much that he left a ginormous tip. Click the headline to find out how much he left as a 'Thank You' for NBA Finals after-party celebration.

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    John Coker, A Hero On Many Levels

    He patrolled center field for Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns for two years. And, more than once, we saw John Coker give up his body for his team. Then, we got the sobering news that Coker has given up his body for his country. We learned that Sgt. John Coker, a member of the National Guard serving in Afghanistan, was seriously wounded in a skirmish that left three of his comrades dead. Coker was shot in both legs and the pelvis. He underwent surgery and has been transported to San Antonio.

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    Leila Lopes - Crush Of The Day

    Not to be outdone by Sammi from 'Jersey Shore' Leila Lopes sure interested plenty of website viewers. The beautiful Miss Lopes is the fourth African woman to win the Miss Universe title and the second black African woman to win. She can now add “first Angolian woman to be named Crush of the Day” to her already impressive resume. Now there is something to brag about. Probably not worthy of a jersey, though.

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    The Case For Oklahoma State And The BCS

    With LSU staying at the top of the rankings from beginning to end, the battle over who should play them in the BCS Championship game became quite the discussion. Jay Walker, who is on-air for ESPN1420 as well as a Harris Poll Voter, shed light on his position regarding Oklahoma State and why they should be in consideration.

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