The audacity some people have.

One bride is upset and her story is going viral after she posted what someone did at her wedding reception.

According to the bride's post on social media, someone showed up at her wedding reception with 10 pieces of Tupperware, so that that they could take food home after the reception!!

Yes, you read that correctly. The bride in Pennsylvania took to social media to explain what someone recently did at her reception and now the internet seems to be split on the issue.

Those defending the person with the Tupperware say that it was better for someone to take the food rather than it being disposed of. Others say that the leftovers belong to the bride and groom.

We asked our listeners how they feel about this and the majority agreed that the food leftover should go home with the bride and groom after a busy day and night.

What are your thoughts? What would your reaction be if you saw someone walking into your reception with Tupperware? Let us know below.


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